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posted on March 21, 12022 HE
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Below is a nearly-comprehensive list of the software that I regularly use, including under-the-hood stuff which tends to go under-appreciated. 1

Everything listed is Free and Open-Source.











  1. With thanks to David Mytton for the idea, although I don’t believe he did it first.↩︎

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rustc_codegen_gcc: Progress Report #13

July 7

What is rustc_codegen_gcc? rustc_codegen_gcc is a GCC ahead-of-time codegen for rustc, meaning that it can be loaded by the existing rustc frontend, but benefits from GCC by having more architectures supported and having access to GCC’s optimizations. …

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Learning SSH etc

June 17

I am job searching! Fun times. I also have a weirdly high proportion of friends simultaneously job searching, which is cool because we can discuss interview stuff. This is exactly what led me down the road labelled "learn SSH" - my friend and co-j…

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Just: the most reductive word in software development

May 1

(Intentionally provocative title.) Do you use the word “just”? Have you ever said something like “oh, we just need to implement that interface for this new type” or “it’s just a small bash script” or something to that effect? I have, many times, and still …

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